Your Zodiac Sign and Your Skin Care Routine. Humans have always looked up the stars and planets to track cycles of time and energy patterns. Just as your astrological sign gives you hints about your personality, relationships, and career, it can also help predict your best beauty look and skin care routine. No matter the sign you were born under, always try to use natural beauty and personal care products. Mother nature provides all the necessary ingredients for a healthy skin!

A fire sign, Aries is energetic and tenacious. You’re ambitious, determined and can be a little hot-headed. You are susceptible to flushing, rashes and skin breakouts.

Earth sign Taurus tends to be down to earth, patient and sometimes stubborn! This means you can get stuck in skincare routines that no longer works for your skin. The advice is you should always research new trends and products that might end up working better than your current products.

Air sign Gemini tends to be inquisitive, indecisive and unpredictable. For the sake of your healthy skin, stick to a plan!

Cancer is a water sign. Caring and nurturing, and can be diplomatic one minute then emotional and intense the next. This emotional roller-coaster will reflect on your skin appearance.

Leo, a fire sign, is confident, creative and can be a bit bossy, because of the dominant nature of this sign. You can be vain and inclined to buy into the claims of quick solutions to skincare issues, but make sure you think about the long term effects of the products you use in your skincare routine. There is no overnight miracle!

Earth sign, Virgo is intelligent, practical, stable and tends to be a perfectionist. This can be draining, as you like to over-analyze every situation and be too hard on yourself sometimes. This behavior can lead to stress and indecisiveness.

The Libra, an air sign, is charming, romantic and an art lover. You see both sides of everything, sometimes leading to indecisiveness. Consistency is a must in your skincare routine!

Scorpio, a water sign, is passionate, loyal, intense, emotional and sensual, but you can also be strong willed, jealous and equally as stubborn. The intensity of your personality can lead to distress on your skin. Meditate more for a glowing skin, Scorpio.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius, has an adventurous and independent spirit. Never one to shy away from taking risks, you bring excitement to any event with your generosity and friendliness, but you’re also prone to impatience. This can lead to inflammation and fatigue on your skin.

Earth sign, Capricorn, is career driven and has an intense desire to succeed. You make your dreams come true because of your fierce ambition and logical understanding of the road to success. Underneath the Capricorn’s cool exterior hides a sympathetic and loyal heart. So you can have a tendency from spending a little too much on unnecessary products. Research first, buy after!

Air sign, Aquarius, is the spontaneous free spirit who’s  always thinking and acting outside of the box. You love change; boredom is your number one enemy. Unconventional in nature, you crave fun and excitement but have difficulty with mundane, repetitive tasks. Be mindful about being consistent on your skincare routine.

Water sign Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. One of the most creative, empathetic and intuitive of the signs, you dislike confrontation and react strongly to the moods of others. You should find creative ways to channel your emotions through exercise or meditation, so all this energy doesn’t get stuck in your body reflecting on your skin.