Why Customized Skin Care?

It’s no secret that everyone is genetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally different – and it’s because of this knowledge that things like ads, marketing, and consumerism even exist. Everyone wants to feel special in some way, especially when it comes the things they buy. When it comes to skincare however, it’s more of a recent ‘idea’ that using a moisturizer or a serum goes beyond the skin type. It’s finally possible for people to get exactly what they want when it comes to their skin care. As the months go by, more and more skin care and beauty companies are finding their own ways into the customization sphere. As one of the firsts, we’re here to tell you why you should join too, not as an entrepreneur, but as a consumer who deserves to have the skin they want, exactly how they want it – because no skin is the same. 

What it Means to Be Customized

Although the word might seem self-explanatory, being customized goes beyond the idea of pick-and-choose. Customized skin care takes into account every aspect of you to create the perfect product for you. From your skin type, to your lifestyle habits, to the environment you live in, to the skin concerns you wish weren’t there.

Customization is the experience just as much as the product itself. It puts the power in your hands to where you can look at the product and say that you helped create it. Can you say that about an “off-the-shelf” product?

Benefits of Customized Skin Care

It’s the spitfire round, let’s convince you.

No More Guessing

With customized skin care, you know exactly what you’re getting because you were there ever step of the way. Besides when it comes to your skin, no one knows it better than you.

A Splash of This, But None of That

The beautiful of customization is that it’s freshly made-to-order, not pre-packaged and made in bulk. Allergic to an ingredient? No problem, we’ll take it out. Wish there was more of an ingredient? No problem, we’ll add a lil’ more.

No More Wasting $$

Taking the guessing out of buying a product means you won’t be throwing away money on other products that you buy because it worked for someone else. Just because your favorite beauty guru loves it, doesn’t mean you will to.

You Change, and it Does Too

Reformulation has never been easier. As the seasons change, your skin will too. Luckily that doesn’t mean that you have to start looking for a new product to fit the slight changes your skin can undergo. Using a customized product means that you can alter its “DNA” whenever you want. Your product should form to your skin, not the other way round.

The Rose & Abbot Customization Experience

Started 3 years ago, Rose & Abbot Custom Skin Care was one of the first companies to bet on the idea that customized skin care was the new skin care. We’ve been using cutting-edge technology and powerful botanicals to create an incredible moisturizer that works and is customizable inside and out.

With our 3 minute skin quiz, we’re able to produce a product that is made uniquely for you – from the ingredients, to the scent, to the label and everything in between. Since our beginning, we’ve stood by the idea that everyone’s skin is different – so your skin care should be too.

Are you ready to stand beside us too?

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