What’s in My Bag

Fall Edition

Lip gloss and coconut-scented perfume is so last season. It’s time to prepare your bag for the season of pumpkins and contagious colds. Here are the essentials in taking up space in our bag this Fall!

Lip Balm

The skin on your lips is one of the most sensitive parts of your face. Don’t be afraid to apply 10 layers of lip balm before you leave the house. Also don’t be ashamed if you have 5 lip balms in your bag – we all know that at the end of the season 4 of them will magically disappear.

Eye Drops

Nobody like dry eyes, especially on a long Halloween night. Keeping eye drops with you prevents irritations due to weather and prepares your pupils for those colored contacts.

A Fall-Scented Hand Sanitizer

Germs run rabid this time of year, especially because every other person you know if getting sick.  Keep a mini hand sanitizer in your bag for constant cleansing. I heard Bath & Body Works has one that smells like a Pumpkin Cupcake 😮

Hand Cream

While you’re at B&BW, pick up one of their mini hand creams. Just because your hands might be covered in a pair of warm gloves, doesn’t mean they deserved to be deprived of hydration.

A Hair Brush & A Mirror

Rain + Wind = A bad hair day waiting to happen. Keep a mini brush or comb in your bag to help your hair brave the Fall elements.

A Spooky Fall Read

Log off of social media during your work commute and transport yourself to a world of ghosts and ghouls. A contemporary romance novel works too.


We all know that with a new season brings the usual influenzas. Keeping a small pack of tissues in your bag will surely come in handy for your nose-y.


Protect your hands from the cold with a cute pair of leather gloves. For extra warmth, order a venti PSL. 😉

Want to add a customized moisturizer to your fall bag? You’ve got you covered 😉