Tips for Great Winter Skin

Winter is the season of snowflakes, colds, movie nights, and apple cider. It’s also the season of dehydrated skin. Don’t be fooled by the snowfall and cloudy weather – your skin is going to need more moisture than ever. Here are our best tips to keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrating during these bone-chilling months!

Limit Shower Time & Temperature

Although it might be tempting to crank that shower temp up to it’s max heat setting, it will end up doing more harm than good to your skin. During the colder months, your skin is even more delicate than usual due to rapid changing temperatures and dryer air. Still to room temp showers that refresh the skin instead of sauna temps that dry out the skin.

Hop on the Humidifier Hype

Cold season is here which means your skin will be asking for even more hydration. Along with your normal skin care routine, consider leaving a humidifier on while you’re home – especially while you’re asleep. Your skin gets the most dehydrating during the night, so a humidifier ensures that your skin won’t wake up feeling so parched.

Fragrance-Free Everything

When we say fragrance-free, we don’t necessarily mean to cut out all delicious smelling things in your life. But when it comes to synthetic chemicals that induce both allergies and dryness, we’re telling you to let that go. Stick to natural scents like essential oils that won’t dry out the skin, but instead add a touch of peace into your routines.

Moisturize to the Heavens

No matter the season, moisturizing should always be apart of your routine. Winter is the driest time of the year, so make sure to apply moisturizer day and night! Consider using a thicker moisturizer at night when your skin is at it’s driest. If you end up attracting that pesky cold bug, don’t be afraid to continue your normal moisturizing routine.

Exfoliate Less

Although it might be tempting to scrub off the winter day, you’ll end up stripping your skin of more good than bad. During the winter, your skin doesn’t need to be exfoliated as much because your skin isn’t building up as much toxins. Exfoliate once a week instead of two in order to let your skin build up it’s natural oils.

Opt for Hydrating Masks

Put your charcoal and exfoliating masks away this season! During the Winter months, your skin craves max hydration. Look for masks that are packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene, bisabolol, and rose water. You can also make your own masks at home! Check out the highlight on our instagram to find the best mask for your skin!


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