Do you want to know the worst enemies for a healthy skin? Lack of sleep and high stress can lead to many health issues, as well as skin issues. Poor sleep can increase stress hormones, which may lead to more inflammatory problems like acne and skin sensitivity and maybe even collagen breakdown.

It’s a cycle, because stress can affect the quantity and quality of your sleep and vice versa. When you are stressed your skin gets stressed to. And as a consequence, you can have more aging signs on your face and a dull & dry appearance. Swollen eyes and dark circles are symptoms that a lot of you may have experienced when awaken from a bad nights sleep.

Have you ever made the connection from this unwanted symptoms to a lack of sleep or high stress levels?  These are all signs of feeling fatigued and drained, which can also cause a negative effect on the skin’s barrier, blood flow to the skin and inflammatory responses. If the skin’s barrier function is decreased, water loss in the skin can occur. Also, decreased blood flow to the skin will take away oxygen from the skin, allowing toxins to build up.

If you were to get a healthy amount of sleep,  skin cells will have enough time to heal, hydrate and increase blood flow to the skin. Skin naturally forms new collagen when asleep, which prevents sagging and increases your elasticity. If you have a great skin care routine or use a great product for your skin, more sleep will give your body time to use those great skin-repairing ingredients and have the most effective results. More sleep and less stress allows your body to organically create a healthy glowing complexion!