Skin Care Symbols Cheat Sheet

Ever wonder what those little symbols on skin care packaging mean? Although some of the might be self-explanatory, a little knowledge about what makes a skin care product tick doesn’t hurt! Here’s a quick break down about what each of the symbols mean.

Save the Date

Number of months until a product expires after it opens.

Usually either 12 or 24 months.

The Gang’s All Here

Amount of product listed is accurate.

The Most Popular Bunny

Product hasn’t been tested on animals in a certain number of years.


Products contain no animal products.

Don’t Forget Protection

Product has at the least the minimum level of UVA protection for sunscreen.

Animals are for Warm Hugs

Product hasn’t undergone any new animal testing.

A Picture Book for Adults

Get more info from the product insert.

The Cycle of Life

The company recycles the waste from its products.

I Wouldn’t Buy That…

Product is flammable.

The Whole Foods of Products

Product contains only organic produced ingredients.

Earth Sweet Earth

Product’s packaging is recyclable.

The Ultimate Seal of Approval

95% of product contents are derived from natural ingredients.

Want a moisturizer that’s vegan, cruelty-free, and certainly not flammable? We’ve got just the thing.