8 Skincare Mistakes

& How to Fix Them

Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or a newbie, there’s always ways to step up or skin TLC game. This includes cutting those bad habits or rituals we thought were good for us, but really aren’t. We’ve listed 8 skincare mistake as a guide to make sure you treat your skin in the best way possible. If you’re wondering why your skin isn’t cooperating, let’s remind you of some easy fixes.

Not Cleaning Your Face Twice a Day

We know that over-cleansing your face can cause irritations and unnecessary dryness, but under washing your face is just as bad. Make sure to wash your face in the morning and night. Oils, dirt, and dead skin cells collect no matter what time of day. Be sure to use cleanser that work with your skin type and to use a gentler one at night!


Using harsh scrubs more than a few times a week will strip your skin of its natural oils and cause micro-tears on our skin. Over-exfoliation can cause acne and premature fine lines. Use gentle exfoliators or make your own scrubs, but make sure you only use them twice a week.

Using Hot Water

Although a hot shower sounds great after a long day or during the cold winter months, using hot water to wash your face will also strip your skin of its natural oil and make it super dry. Instead, wash your face with lukewarm and cool water. This would ensure that your face gets cleaned without disturbing its natural hydrating oils.

Following Trends

Although the latest Tik Tok skin care trend might seem enticing, it doesn’t mean it will work for your skin. Buying all the trendiest products harms your wallet and possibly your skin. You never want to overwhelm your skin with too many products and keep your skin care routine consistent.

Not Washing Pillowcases Frequently

Even if you’re the cleanest person on the planet when it comes to your skin, you won’t notice a major difference if you use the same pillow cover for weeks. It’s advisable to wash your pillowcase one a week to get rid of oils, dust, and dead skin cells. This is especially important if you have acne-prone skin.

Using the Same Towel for your Body and Face

This might seem like something you’d overlook, but using the same towel for your face and your body isn’t a good idea. Just like the pillowcase, that towel touches more than just your face. Use a soft face towel and wash it every 2 days to keep it clean. It’s these basic changes to your routine where you’ll see drastic improvements.

Layering your Skincare the Wrong Way

Getting the maximum benefits out of your skincare routine includes applying them in the correct order. The basic rule is to go from thinnest to thickest consistency, starting with cleanser and ending with moisturizer (depending on your morning or night routine). For a more in depth guide about layering your skin care, take our skin analysis quiz and download a personalized skin care guide!

Harshly Rubbing your Face

Constantly touching your face is always a no-no, especially because it can trigger acne and make them worse. But rubbing your skin too harshly while applying product can lead to premature wrinkles and damage the elasticity of your skin. Gently massage products into your face and pat dry, never rub.

Moisturizer is never a skin care mistake.