The 411 of the Skin Care Mini Fridge

Although the act of keeping your skin care products cool isn’t a new idea, it wasn’t until 2019 that mini fridges started being advertised as “skin care fridges”. We’ve all seen those aesthetically pleasing instagram posts and decorated fridges covered in cute stickers and filled with colorful products. But is the hype – and the price – of these fridges worth its benefits? We’re here to break it down for you. 

Here are the pros and cons of the skin care mini fridges.

Benefits of the Skin Fridge

Ice Ice Baby

Much like how some foods last longer in the refrigerator, skin care products survive under similar conditions. Keeping your products in an environment with a consistent temperature will ensure that they last longer. Although most skin fridges have a manual hot-cold setting, it’s best just to keep it cool.

Your Skin Will Thank You

We all know that cold aloe vera gel is the best aloe vera gel. Keeping your skin care products cool doesn’t just keep it freshly longer, the benefits of having physically cold cream and gels leave your skin with a refreshed and irritation-free complexion. Keeping your jade rollers in the fridge too will help with de-puffing your eyes and wake up your skin from your 8-hour nap!

Bye Bye Bacteria

Although we don’t recommend keeping your skin care products around past their expiry date, keeping them in a cool environment free of shower steam and heat will ensure that bacteria don’t grow – at least not before it’s expected due to shelf-life.

Great for Those Who Love A Good OCD Organization

Fridges, like many other sources of containers and storage spots, are perfect for keeping things in their rightful place. Although you might be sacrificing counter space with your mini fridge (if you choose to put it in your bathroom), your products will all be in one place where you can find them easily. It also ensure that you won’t miss a step in your routine!

The Guilty Aesthetic

Let’s be honest, the sticker-covered skin fridges on Instagram are fun to look at and tempts your wallet. They look cute wherever you put it, and the customization is endless. Having a spot for your favorite self-care items might not be something you need, but it sure looks good!

The Cons of the Skin Fridge

The Price

Most skin care fridges range between $50-$120. Although this isn’t as expensive as a normal fridge, it is an unnecessary expense – especially if your skin care routine consists of 2-3 products.

Fridges are Already a Thing

Even if your skin care routine doesn’t include 100 different products, that doesn’t mean that you should deprive yourself of the refrigeration. You can still keep your skincare products in your kitchen fridge – just make sure that they aren’t next to last night’s left overs.

They Take up More Space

Although organization can be helpful and these fridges are mini, it’s important to note that no matter where you put it – it will take up space. You have to be willing to compromise some counter or table space.

It’s time to stock your fridge with some customized goodness!

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