Self-Care Rituals According to your Zodiac Sign

When your mind is cluttered with to-dos, it’s easy to forget that you need to slow down. Every zodiac sign has their ideal form of self-care and we’re here to give you some ideas!


Working Out

Whether its at the gym, at the park, or at home, find a way to loosen those muscles and strengthen your body!


Power Naps

Recharge with quick 10-min afternoon nap! Any longer and you’ll feel sluggish, so make sure you set an alarm.



Let your mind wander and relax with your reading material of choice!

p.s coloring books count too 😉



The mornings can be tough for a Cancer, so make sure you start the day on the right foot with a nutritious breakfast!


Skin Care Routine

Beauty can be priority for a Leo, so take 20 minutes twice a day to give your skin a little TLC!


Do Something Creative

We know you’re suckers for perfectionism, but art is the one thing where pressure is off the table. Paint your favorite place or scrapbook about your girls day!


Bubble Bath

Heal and detox with a therapeutic bubble bath. Use your favorite bath bomb, a couple drops of essential oils, and play you go-to chill playlist!


Go for a Swim

Beat the stress and express your water sign side with a swim. A bath or longer shower works too, just make sure you’re using that time to cleanse!


Spend Time with Nature

Get some fresh air in your backyard or your local park. The best way to clear the Sagittarius mind is among the trees!



The Capricorn mind is always running at 100%. Make sure to give yourself some daily quiet time!



Treat yourself to something you’ve been saving up for or splurge on something trendy. There’s no harm in that!



Spend some time in the kitchen baking your favorite dessert or trying something new! How about some lemon squares or an apple pie?

Self-Care is our middle name! Let’s customize a moisturizer for you 😉