Skin Care Routine for Beginners

A quick trip to your local drugstore or a browse on your favorite beauty website can have your head spinning. With so many options, it’s easy to be confused on where to start. The truth is, a skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be effective. Here are our best tips for starting a skin care routine for beginners!

Tip 1: Determine your Skin Type

Before you spend any more on skin care products, it’s important to know what kind of skin you have. Different skin types have varying needs that need to be met by certain products. Oily skin needs mattifying ingredients while dry skin would need hydrating ones. If you want to learn more about your skin, check out our Skin Analysis Quiz.

Tip 2: Keep it simple

For beginners, we recommend starting with the basic 3-step routine: cleanse, moisturize,  and sunscreen. Once your skin gets used to the products or you find which ones work for you, it will be much easier to add onto it in the future. As long as you do these three steps everyday, you can’t go wrong. Keeping it simple in the beginning with make sure your skin doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Tip 3: Apply in Correct Order

Once you’ve determined your skin type and done your research on the products that would work for your skin, it’s time to put them to use. The order, believe it or not, does in fact matter. It is also dependent on whether it’s your morning or night routine. You should also start by cleansing your face and finish with a moisturizer or facial oil. If it’s in the morning, end with sunscreen.

Tip 4: Give Your Routine Time to Work

It’s important to give your products to work in between use, so make sure you wait a few minutes before applying the next product in your routine. Also, don’t get discouraged if your skin doesn’t change overnight. Depending on the products, you won’t see a change until after a month of consistent use. Your skin has to get used to the products before you can start seeing a difference.

Let’s give you a moisturizer that will work with your skin, no matter the type.