The Best Ingredients for Pore Minimizing

Large pores getting you down? You’re not the only one! In fact, there are several factors that contribute to the size of pores including genetics, sun damage, and skin type (especially oily skin). Since pores are visible due to the opening of hair follicles, the size of you pores cannot be changed, but the appearance of them can certainly be minimized. Pores promote oil production through sebaceous glands, so once the pore is clogged with an excess of oil, acne can enlarge their appearance. Exfoliation, SPF and constant hydration are great ways to ensure that your pores appear as small as possible. Most importantly, you want to ensure that the products you are using are formulated with the best ingredients to tackle those pesky pores. 

Luckily our moisturizer is here to help! The following ingredients used during formulation are great for controlling the appearance of pores:


Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3. Topically, niacinamide shows improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, and works as a potent antioxidant. This ingredient is proven to reduce the appearance of pore size due to increasing skin elasticity and its antioxidant properties improve texture of skin.

Epilobium Fleischers (Alpine Willowherb) Extract

Alpine Willowherb Extract is an extract that comes from a rare Alpine plant that helps in regulating excess oil production, which is great for oily skin. Since oily skin makes pores appear larger, this ingredient tackles minimizing the appearance of pores. Overall, this natural ingredient makes your face less greasy-looking which tackles your large pore concerns.

Pimpinella Anisum (Anise) Seed Extract

Anise Seed Extract is a natural extract that comes from a plant that prevents aging, and has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe acne-prone skin.  Aside from treating already damaged skin, this natural ingredient can also prevent damage in the first place by fighting impurities that cause acne. The anti-inflammatory properties can help to prevent further damage to the skin, which also starts with not touching your face.

Sanguisorba Officinalis (Great Burnet) Root Extract

Great Burnet Root Extract comes from a medicinal herb that is of the rose family that has astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The root of this herb possesses the most astringency-which makes the skin less oily. The prevention of the excess buildup of oil will minimize the appearance of pores and prevent acne. This ingredient has been used in natural remedies to treat eczema, wounds, and burns which can help with healing acne.

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract

Ginger Root Extract is the ultimate miracle worker commonly used to treat inflamed skin and cystic acne due to its natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Treating cystic acne will prevent significant skin trauma which contributes to the stretching of the pores. This ingredient also promotes skin circulation which makes it warming and soothing to the skin which helps with preventing irritation due to acne.

Cinnamomum Cassia (Cinnamon) Root Extract

Cinnamon Bark Extract is a powerful spice used to kill bacteria that contributes to enlarged pores. This natural ingredient will help with the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic properties. This extract also serves as an exfoliant which removes buildup of dead skin cells that could clog the pores and cause acne. Also, it will increase collagen levels which improves skin elasticity and wrinkles caused by aging skin which minimizes the appearance of large pores.

Barosma Betulina (Parsley) Root Extract

Parsley is a very popular herb that’s not just great for cooking! Parsley helps balance your sebum production and problems that are caused from the imbalance of sebum level. Parsley extract contains many great antioxidants that help scavenge for free radicals and control excess oil. By balancing out the skin, buchu helps gives off a more healthy glow instead of a ‘I put highlighter all over my face’ look.

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The Best Cocktail for Pore Minimization

Great Burnet Root Extract, Ginger Root Extract, and Cinnamon Bark Extract

This mixture is a combination of extracts that ultimately prevents excess secretion of oil, which in return prevents acne. This natural ingredient combo not only will treat breakouts, but also will prevent future breakouts. When you select pores as a skin concern during the skin quiz, you can bet to see this mix in your ingredient list!

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