Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients can help your skin, internally and externally. Making sure the ingredients in your skin care products are healthy or not is key! Even if they seem healthy, you should always make sure your face is compatible with the specific ingredients. Since everyone’s skin is different, different people and have different reactions to the same ingredient (healthy or not!).

Usually natural ingredients are the best option for your body because many natural ingredients contain amino acids and fatty acids that your skin already produces. Because of this, these ingredients are more readily absorbed into your skin! Other chemically enhanced ingredients are more foreign to your skin cells. These might not absorb as well, giving them a higher chance of underperforming compared to natural ingredients.

This doesn’t mean synthetic ingredients are bad, in fact, some are better than the natural ingredients. It should be known that natural isn’t always better, many naturally found substances are even proven to be poisonous. This is why it is important to know what you are putting on your skin. If natural ingredients are found to be harmful in some cases, for example, they are chemically neutralized or the beneficial substances are chemically extracted from the potentially harmful, natural source.

For us personally, having good ingredients that are not chemically tampered with just sounds better. With alterations, you’re more likely to get an ingredient that will irritate your skin, as opposed to when using natural products. Most natural products use safe and healthy natural ingredients anyways, and most natural ingredients are more gentle than synthetic ones.