At one point or another, your doctor probably told you that exercise is important for strong muscles and a healthy heart.  And you probably thought, well of course it is! But, did you know it is good for healthy skin as well!? When you get that heart pumping and your blood moving, it takes oxygen and nutrients to the farthest points of your body, including the skin. With that, the skin is nourished giving it that glow you get when you workout!

So… circulation keeps your body moving and your skin glowing, which is why cardio exercise is so beneficial. But let’s expand on this! Why else is circulation particularly beneficial during intensive cardio workouts? I mean your blood is always flowing, so what gives?

When you workout, the muscles get stronger and allows your heart to pump with more vigor. The increased strength in heart muscles allows your blood to pump not only to the far away skin, but also increases the rate at which the blood can restock on oxygen. Therefore, your skin is flooded with rejuvenating oxygen much faster and you will probably start to sweat when working your muscles hard.

Sweat in a natural way to flush all the bad stuff out! So when oxygenated blood nourishes your skin cells, simultaneously, sweat is flushing out dirt, toxins, and cellular debris. In this way exercise works as a total skin revamp, not to mention making a happier and healthier you. And don’t forget the cool down after, maybe a cool shower to relax your muscles and some Rose & Abbot moisturizer to preserve your newly rejuvenated skin!