Our Moisturizer Is

Everything you would want in your skin care routine.

Our moisturizer, no matter how you customize it, is always guaranteed to be the best for your skin. It’s free of chemicals, free of fragrances, and made in the purest of ways with the purest ingredients. You should never have to worry about what you put on your skin, especially when you’re paying for it. Our moisturizer is made to order, 100% fresh, and guaranteed to love your skin.

We know that a lot of products nowadays are all of these things listed below, but how many of those products are 100% customizable for your skin? Yup, we thought so. We know you might not need anymore convincing, but just in case, here is a doodled list of everything our moisturizer is.

P.S – You can also think of this as a list of claims and ingredients to keep in mind when you’re shopping for skin care. It’s time to pay close attention to those ingredient labels!


Our moisturizer has absolutely no animal by-products. It contains fruit, vegetable, and plant extracts. Think of it like this, if you can’t eat it – it doesn’t belong on your skin.


Think of this as a general term for a product that is all of the things listed in this article. No irritating ingredients, no animal-based ingredients, made with love and plants <3


We don’t test on animals. Plain and simple. Our moisturizer is tested on humans and is dermatologist approved!

Dermatologist Tested.

In December 2018, our product was professionally tested on humans (not animals) to ensure that our product was 100% pure. The result as of January 2019: it is 🙂

Safe for All Skin Types.

No chemicals and no irritants means it’s completely safe for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Because we are 100% customized, your moisturizer is suited to both your skin type and your skin concerns. Who doesn’t want a skin care product that is especially made by hand for you?


Although it sounds complex, non-comedogenic simply means that our moisturizer is proven and tested to not clog pores. Have we convinced you yet?


You never have to worry about irritants or allergies with using our moisturizer. However, we understand that people can have allergies to some fruit and plant extracts that we use during formulation. If that’s the case, all you have to do is let us know! Let us know any allergies at the end of the skin quiz.


Sulfates are used to help lather and remove excess dirt and oil. Although this sounds harmless, sulfates can over-cleanse to the point where your skin is stripped of it’s natural oils, resulting in more dry and irritated skin.

Pro Tip: look out for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureate Sulfate (SLES)


Silicones are made up by combining oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and other materials. Besides being used on many skin and hair care products, they are also used in many household and mechanical goods. Already seeing red flags? Silicones are sneaky because they aren’t simply labeled as “silicone” on products. Silicone-based moisturizers form a layer of film on your skin – think of it like you put plastic wrap on your skin. Although it can help to lock in moisture, it can simultaneously trap dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells. 

Pro Tip: A great (but also loose) rule of thumb – if it ends in “cone” or “oxane” it’s most likely silicone.


Formaldehyde is as villainous as the name suggests. Similar to silicones, formaldehyde is commonly used in building and construction. It’s a colorless, strong-smelling chemical used as a preservative in skin care. This means that it helps the product to have a longer shelf-life.

Pro Tip: Try to limit all exposure to Formaldehyde, as high levels of exposure can cause certain kinds of cancer.


The truth of the matter is, there are good AND bad alcohols in skin care. The most important part is knowing which ones are which. Generally, when talking about the bad alcohols, we’re talking about the ones that dry out the skin. These alcohols are also super effective and quickly degreasing the skin, which is most appealing to those with oily skin. Unfortunately, none of the bad alcohols are good for any skin type.

Pro-Tip: SD alcohol, denatured alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol are examples the bad alcohols.

No Phthalates.

You can find phthalates in a wide variety of products. There are several different types, which means we’re exposed to a lot of them. They are primarily used to stop plastic from becoming brittle, which means that when it comes to skin care, it would keep your product from expiration quicker. There are also used in a few synthetic fragrances. Since companies aren’t required to share what ingredients are used to make their fragrances however, you’d never know.

Pro Tip: Diethyl Phthalate (DEP) is the most common phthalate found in skin care and generally used to dissolve fragrances.

No Artificial Fragrances.

Fragrances and perfumes has proved to be harmful and drying for the skin, especially on those with sensitive skin. We still wanted you to have the option to have your moisturizer smell good, so instead of added synthetic fragrances, we use essential oils. Still don’t want it to be scented? That’s the beauty of customization. You can choose to have your moisturizer unscented and you won’t lose any benefits (except of course a pleasant-smelling cream).

No Phosphates.

Phosphates are commonly used as a buffering agent in cosmetics. This simply means that it’s used to maintain the acidity of a certain solution and, like many of the other chemicals mentioned, further extend the life of a product. Phosphates adjust the pH balance, thoroughly manipulating the base and stripping it of it’s natural properties.


These set of ingredients can be classified as one of the most controversial. Parabens are a kind a preservative used to protect cosmetics and skin care against the production of bacteria. Although this doesn’t sound to harmful, chemicals are chemicals. Anything that unnatural increases the lifespan of a product is a no-go.

Pro Tip: Parabens usually have the word ‘paraben’ in the name, making them much easier to find on an ingredient label.

Natural. Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Skin Approved.