Meet Mr. Abbot! Our scientific genius.

We want to introduce you to Mr. Abbot! He is our mascot and will be talking about the scientific process of developing our all natural and cruelty-free customized formulas. The beauty of technology and innovation is always present in our science lab and we want to make sure Mr.Abbot’s shares all the details with our amazing and loyal customers. It all begins with your skin type, your main concerns and your daily habits. By taking your lifestyle and scent preferences into account, your unique moisturizer is formulated with the nourishing, protecting and regenerating effects of our product. Mr. Abbot is a part of all of this!

We believe that creating a one-fits-all product is the wrong approach. Our mission is to create a moisturizer specifically for you (and only you). Therefore, we carefully select the best ingredients by hand, which will go in an individual composition tailored to treat your biggest concerns. A formulator, being guided by Mr. Abbot’s scientific expertise, will create a hand-made formula for you that can be altered according to your feedback.

Say hi to Mr.Abbot!