Our Top 5 Korean Skin Tips

It’s no secret the Korean culture has swept the nation; from music to beauty and everything in between. Korean beauty, popularly known as K-beauty has specifically played a part in pioneering the “glowy skin revolution”. Our lead chemist Jacqueline, who is part Korean, has listed the best and most effective Korean skin care tips that have been passed down for generations.

Bi-Weekly Face Masks

Koreans love to start taking care of their skin early. It is one of the biggest reasons why they are known for looking very youthful. One way Koreans maintain their skin is by applying masks all the time. They LOVE masks, especially sheet and overnight sleeping masks. There are unlimited options when it comes to masks that can help target every skin concern. Apply a different face mask twice a week gives your skin that extra boost of TLC. If you want even more out of your masks, leave them in the fridge and apply them to your skin cold.”

Multi-Step Cleansing

Koreans have a multi-step cleansing system. Depending on the skin, some Koreans either cleanse in 2 or 3 different ways. The 2-step system consists of wiping off all the dirt, toxins and oils with cleansing tissues or some type of oil-based make-up remover, and then washing the face with a gentle cleanser. For the 3-step system, Korean wipe off their makeup with wipes, then use some kind of oil-based cleanser to get any excess makeup off or vice versa, and then wash the face with water and cleanser to have a completely clean face. The oil based cleanser also gets the tough waterproof makeup off and removes any excess substance that is more attracted to oil-based cleansers.”

Tap Tap Tap

It’s true that rubbing and pulling at your face increases the look and appearance of wrinkles. This is why applying skin care products using a tapping motion is key in a Korean skin care regimen. It helps the products absorb into skin better opposed to absorbing in the hands, which is what happens when you rub it into the skin. It also helps to tap with 2-3 fingers to be the most gentle and have most of the product transfer to the face. It makes the skin more taut and rejuvenated due to more blood circulation.”

Add the Essence

The new-kid-on-block when it comes to modern skin care routines are essences. Essences are usually put after a toner since it is slightly thicker than a toner but thinner than serums. Because it is considered to be the product that adds life to skin, it’s widely using among those with more mature skin. Essence helps add collagen into the skin, making it glow. It is best applied by patting or pressing onto the face with the palm.”

Daily Massages

The last tip that I can spill are the facial massages Koreans do during their cleansing. This also helps to increase circulation beneath the skin allowing for a more youthful surface. It is typical done using the knuckles, following the muscles of your face. Massaging along the cheeks and around the eyes helps reduce swelling and is an at-home version of the massages done at facial treatments. These massages help with detoxification and improving blood circulation, which helps reduce sign of aging, to keep the skin youthful.

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