7-Day Holiday Self Care Challenge

The holidays can be a stressful time. We can quickly find ourselves taking care of others before ourselves. Sometimes all you need a a little balance everyday to give yourself some TLC. Before the Christmas week officially gets underway, spend a week taking care of yourself! It’s the 7-Day Holiday Self Care Challenge – we hope you join us 🙂

Day 1

Eat Well & Flourish

set the tone for your week

meal-prep nourishing meals & snacks

sip on hot water with lemon

Day 2

Tech Detox & Find Your Creativity

put your phone & computer away

journal or create an intentions calendar for 2020

read, do ceramics, DIY crafts

Day 3

Pamper Yourself

listen to your favorite holiday music

light festive candles and take a bath

do a DIY face mask

Day 4

Nighttime Routine & Catch Some Zzz’s

meditate with essential oils

sip on a hot cocoa

wash your face and read in bed

Day 5

Get Social

get together with a friend

call your family and try a new restaurant

drive around your neighborhood looking at Christmas lights

Day 6

Move Your Body

try a new workout class

bundle up and go for a long walk

get outside with a friend or by yourself

Day 7

Treat Yourself

splurge on yourself

enjoy a spiked eggnog

bake a new holiday treat