Dry vs. Dehydrated Skin

Although they appear similar on the surface, dry and dehydrated skins are caused by different factors and require different kinds of treatments. It’s important the understand the distinction between these two commonly confused skin conditions in order to better take care of your skin. Here is our quick guide for dry vs. dehydrated skin.

Dry Skin

~ slow production of natural oils

~ a genetic skin type

~ year round and worsens during colder seasons

~ dry all over, not just on the face

~ smaller pores

Causes: genetics, hormones, thyroid conditions, medications

Needs: Facial oils, balms, and vitamin-rich products

Dehydrated Skin

~ lacking water

~ a skin condition any skin type can experience

~ temporary/seasonal

~ higher risk of breakouts

~ both oily and dry at the same time

Causes: weather, incorrect products, heater/air conditioning, pollution

Needs: Toners, serums, and water-rich products


~ itchy, tight feeling

~ flaky and sensitive around irritated areas

~ rough skin texture

~ accentuated fine lines

A moisturizer that’s made for both? Yes please.