Holistic beauty is a natural beauty and glow that takes over when you embrace a holistic lifestyle. When we are not well, or feeling unhappy and weak, our skin loses its clarity and vigor. Our skin reflects our life. When we feel happy, our skin glows. That’s because our skin is a live organ with a profound connection to the tissues beneath, through the lymphatic and blood vessels, the metabolic exchanges, and to the whole body. From how much sleep you get at night to stressful work environments, everything in your life can have an impact on your health and as a consequence on your skin health and overall beauty and attractiveness.

Holistic means to acknowledge the wholeness and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit as three equal areas that make up our happiest, healthiest self.  Treating the entire self, in relation to each other, is key to practicing holistic beauty. So if you want beautiful skin, you’ve got to have healthy skin. And how do you do that? Integration. Mind-body health is most notable when it comes to holistic health and beauty concerns.

Your emotions and stress or lack thereof can dramatically affect everything! If your body is healthy and nourished, your skin will glow. If you are unwell, lacking vital nutrients, or unable to digest nutrients properly, your skin may show stress or vulnerability and show early signs of aging.

That’s why skin care is so crucial. When you nurture your skin, the body grows stronger to nourish all the other areas. Holism focuses on the connections between the mind, body, and spirit. Like we already said here before, skin care is a self love act. Click here to take our skin quiz and receive your all natural customized moisturizer. Rose and Abbot’s believes that skincare is a sacred ritual to increase our self-love. Made from refreshing botanicals, our healing formulas are designed to make your skin      (and your soul) glow as bright as possible.