Creating a Morning Spa Ritual

We know that mornings can either feel productive or a drag, but we are always the most awake at the very beginning of the day. Make the most of your weekend (or weekday) mornings by creating your own at-home spa. Whether that’s rose petals or smooth jazz, listen to what your body needs and let your creativity run wild. Here are some ideas to help you create your own spa from the comfort of your home!


If you have all the time in the world during your mornings, pamper yourself with a seven-step soak. Draw a warm bath and add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. Light some candles and make a cup of tea or coffee. A long soak never fails!


Shed your worries and your dead skin cells with a quick head-to-toe dry brushing session. If you have super sensitive skin, lightly apply body oil before brushing. Start at your feet and brush up toward your heart using firm and small circular motions. Be gentler on the areas where the skin tends to stretch such as your thighs and stomach.


The age-old trick that comes in handy during a cold is the perfect way to clear sinuses and clean those pores. Just fill a bowl with hot water and add some loose leaf tea or essential oil to scent. Lean over the bowl with a towel draped over your head for 10 minutes or until the water is no longer steaming.


The sooner you wake up, the more you can accomplish during your at-home spa time. Although the best time to wake up is before the sun begins to rise, beauty sleep is just as important! If you have a hard time getting your day started, keep in mind that a DIY spa ritual can be just what your body needs.


Get creative with your spa time by making your own face and hair masks using ingredients found in your kitchen! Make a Spirulina face mask to reduce redness or making soda mask for more of a deep cleanse. If you skipped hair day, make your own nourishing face mask with coconut oil and honey! Leave it in your hair while you do your skin care or during your morning soak.

Let us be apart of your morning spa ritual!