Clean Beauty Trends of 2020

As 2020 is nearly upon us, it’s time for us to reflect on all that trends – new and old – that will continue on into the next year. The past year has definitely been the year of consumer awareness. More and more people are taking notice of the kinds of ingredients that are filling their skin care products – even more so how those products are packaged. Based on popularity and high demand, here at the top Clean Beauty trends of 2020.


Say goodbye to ingredients with hard-to-pronounce names. Skin care products should only contain ingredients that are safe to apply – and to eat. Just because a product has less ingredients, doesn’t mean it has less of an effect. Ingredient lists should always be comprehendible, especially when it comes to skin care.


As the months go by and people get more knowledgable – and strict – about the kinds of products they want to buy for their skin, the more we see brands introducing ways for people to completely customize their skin care experience. It’s no secret that consumers want the best for their skin and aren’t willing to pay high price tags for hyped products. We’re proud to be one of the first indie brands to offer customizable skin care, because at the end of the day, everyones’ skin is unique – so why should you use the same product as someone else?


Having an ingredient-conscience mindset also means being aware of the kinds of added fragrances in skin care products. Many brands are either including natural alternative to synthetic fragrance – such as essential oils – or doing away with scent entirely. This certainly gives peace of mind to those with allergies and sensitive skin.


“Does this have SPF?” Is a question more and more beauty enthusiasts are asking. The threat of global warming and the saturation of social media when it comes to sun damage is making people be more conscious of whether a product will protect your skin or not from the suns’ rays.


Although we all strive to have normal, blemish-free skin, it’s not reality. Finding a skin care product that works for your skin type and your skin concerns is becoming way either than it used to be. Much like how makeup brands are expanding their shade ranges, skin care brands are making sure that no skin type gets left behind.


The awareness on small businesses and clean beauty brands is reaching an all-time high. Consumers are putting more of their trust – and money – into support of independently owned and funded businesses. Off-the-shelf products are so 3 years ago.


Before the existence of VSCO girls, we’ve long been trying to save the environment – and turtles. Brands are quickly starting to revert to minimalistic package, ensuring that the consumers will have to deal with as little waste as possible. That’s why for our PR packages, we use 100% recycled boxes and don’t include a full-size moisturizer prior to customization. Clean beauty defines what’s in the product, and what it’s put in.


With the legalization of CBD in many states, including California, it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of the exotic plant. Also most of it has to do with the hype itself, more research has been conducted about the benefits of CBD – especially when it comes to acne, inflammation, and anti-aging.

We’ve got the perfect moisturizer that embodies all of these 2020 trends – and then some.