Caring for your Skin & Your Zodiac

For many years, we have looked to the skies for inspiration and guidance. It’s no surprise that those very stars influence who we are as an individual as well as how we take care of ourselves. Though it might sound fictitious, one of the best ways to get to know ourselves is through our zodiac sign. That being said, here are the best ways to care for your skin based on your sign.


Soothing Toners

It’s no secret that Aries are known for their fiery personality, which means they can be more prone to redness, irritations, and breakouts. Easily combat this by using soothing, chemical-free toners packed with aloe vera, cucumber, and rosewater. For an addition boost of hydration, leave your toner in the fridge!


Try Something New

We know Taurus can be stubborn, which is why switching your skin care routine now and again can prove more beneficial than you think. If you aren’t seeing the results you want from your outdated routine, don’t be afraid to try add a new product to your lineup! Just make sure you aren’t adding too many new products, otherwise your skin won’t reap the benefits.



Indecisiveness is the name of the game for Gemini. When there are so many products on the market to choose from, it’s no wonder why you want to switch up your routine often – a little too often. To eliminate the trips to Sephora and hours spent online shopping, focus on buying products specifically meant for your skin and your skin concerns. Those are the products guaranteed to last longer.


Finding a Balance

Cancers’ are known to have the most temperamental and sensitive skin of the zodiac. They are mood-driven skincare enthusiasts that would use products they think they need instead of products they should be using. Try to do more research into the kinds of products that are missing from your lineup, like facial oils. Stick to hydrating ingredients to help with a glowing complexion.


Don’t be too Trendy

Although the latest trendy face mask on TikTok looks enticing, what works for one person won’t always work for you. Clear out your skin care shelf of all things click-bait and replace them with products that are meant for your skin. Your skin doesn’t know the different between a viral product and a non-viral one, but it will benefit from the product that’s better for it.


Beware Perfection

Doing your research when it comes to your skincare isn’t a bad thing, as long as your don’t let it control your routine too much. Remember, your skin care routine is meant to be a pampering and stress-free experience. As long as you got the basics down, your skin will thank you. Don’t worry if you’re using too little or too much product. It gets easier with repetition and time.


Bigger isn’t always Better

Although you might be tempted to buy every product under the sun that caters to your skin type, you might find your skin benefiting more from fewer products. Instead of using 3 facial oils for 3 different skin concerns, try finding one that caters to all three – or find a different product that caters to concerns beyond the surface level. Find the balance by focusing on a handful of products, not two handfuls.


Find those Holy Grails

Scorpios are the most passionate of the zodiac, so it’s no secret that that passion carries into how they choose to take care of their skin. Skin care products for you are like life-long friends. Find the ones that will stick around, year-round. Mix calming and hydrating ingredients to give your skin the TLC is needs. Finding those holy grails will give your skin the harmony it needs when dealing with your non-stop lifestyle.


Patience is a Virtue

Trying a new product or switching up your skin care routine can super exciting, especially when you are trying to tackle a specific skin concern. However, don’t expect to see a drastic change over night. Different products work at their own pace. It’s important not to get discouraged if you are barely seeing results after a week of use. If you want to see real change, you a product for at least a month. Give the product(s) a chance to work.


Make the Time

We know the life of a Capricorn can be as crazy as they come, which is why skin care can often be put on the back-burner. Remember however that your skin won’t change for the better if you don’t give it the care it needs. Whether you spend 5 minutes or 30 minutes on your skin routine, make sure you at least dedicate some time out of your day to your largest organ. Search for ingredients that are both soothing to your skin and your mind like lavender and geranium.


Head to Toe

We know you’ve got the 6-step skin care routine in the bag, but what if we told you that there’s another product you should be adding to your weekly skin care routine. Aquarius are ruled by the circulatory system and because of that, it crucial to use a product(s) that can be massages on all parts of your body. Body  and facial scrubs are great for recirculating blood flow. Find gentle scrubs packed with natural ingredients and use them a few times a week for a little extra skin therapy.


Gemstone Infusions

Pisces are certainly the most emotional and most mystical of all the signs. They are also one of the most experimental and gravitate towards products that both look aesthetically pleasing and please the skin. If you’re looking to spice up your skin care routine, search for a gemstone-infused facial oil or face mist. Gems are natures’ beauty and are hyped for a reason. Find a product infused with amethyst to calm those nerves and reduce the stress-induced breakouts.

We’ve got a moisturizer that caters to your skin no matter the zodiac sign!