The Best Ingredients for a Brightened Complexion

Uneven skin tone is more common of a skin concern than most people would think. No we aren’t talking about the mismatch of foundation choices. We’re talking about the very essence of the skin. Having discoloration on the skin can get worrisome and make the skin look not as healthy as it should be. Uneven skin tone, dark sets, and dull skin can be caused by stressed, poor diet, smoking, and certain lifestyle habits – like staying out in the sun for too long without wearing SPF.

Luckily our moisturizer is here to help! The following ingredients used during formulation are great for ensuring a brighter and even complexion:

Aminopropyl Ascorbyl Phosphate

This ingredient is derived from vitamin C. As it’s popularly known, vitamin C is great for brightening the skin and has many awesome antioxidants to help with this, and slightly adds UV protection. It evens out discoloration on the skin and fades age spots by reducing melanin production, which is responsible for forming color on the skin. 


Bearberry is a natural skin lightener. It contains arbutin, a natural compound that has been shown to stop skin pigmentation, which is why it is used in many skin-whitening products. Bearberry extract contains antioxidants that search for free radicals, which contribute to aging signs, such as age spots. Regardless of whether the spot is a result of sun damage or age, bearberry extract can help fade the marks. 


Daisies, like previously mentioned, it can lighten the skin. Not only does it help improve hyperpigmentation issues, but it also helps in preventing them. It effectively helps with spots and uneven skin tone to produce a brighter even skin tone.


Grapefruits are a rich source of vitamin C. They have many nutrients for the skin that brightens while protecting and nourishing the skin. It creates a radiant glow due to the rich amounts of beta carotene antioxidant. It gets rid of the dullness on the skin and creates and brighter and livelier complexion.


The Muntries fruit has high antioxidants that has great nourishing properties. It also exfoliates dead skin to transform a once dull appearance to a radiant glowing appearance. By breaking up the proteins in the skin that makes the skin look dead, it brightens up the skin appearance.


Acerola is a type of cherry that is loaded with vitamin C. As most people know, vitamin C helps the skin texture and color and helps provide a bright glow on the skin. Not only does it brighten the skin, but it also keeps the skin looking young by boosting collagen production and firming up the skin. It protects the skin as well from environmental toxins so your skin will stay healthy and have a perfect skin tone.  

White Water Lily

The white water lily extract is derived from the root of water lilies in large ponds and lakes that are considered one of the world’s oldest plants. The root helps even skin tone and brighten the skin for a radiant appearance. It removes toxins and rejuvenates the skin to make sure that a clear smooth complexion is radiating.

Black Currant

Black currant is extracted from the fruit and it contains high amounts of vitamin C. It has the same effect as taking the vitamin orally but more for your skin since it is being applied topically. It brightens and leaves the skin glowing. It tightens and plumps the skin as well. Black currant extract also contains lots of antioxidants which help reverse UV damage.

Kakadu Plum

Kakadu plum has one of the most abundant natural source of vitamin C. It reduces hyperpigmentation, targets dark spots and brightens the complexion. Kakadu plum extract also gets rid of the dullness to give a brightened glowing complexion. 

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