The Best Self-Care Spots in LA

The best part about practicing self-care is that there is really no wrong way to do it. Whether you’re the quintessential spa-goer, the peace seeker, or a sensory thrill seeker, we’ve found the perfect spots for you.
Escape the lights, camera and action of Los Angeles and venture to these places for an epic pampering session.

For the Mani Adventurer

Color Camp

Studio City & West Hollywood

From pastels to patterns and gold foiled accents, Color Camp is the perfect melting pot of aesthetics, style, and high tech flair. Talented nail artists turn your manicure dreams into a reality with seasonal designs that can be customized to your hearts content. Enjoy a glass of water while your nails patiently await their makeover.

For the Day-Cation Enthusiast

Burke Williams

Santa Monica, Hollywood, Pasadena, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Torrance

For those needing a mid-week getaway from LA’s hustle and bustle, step into the world of Burke Williams. A spa like no other, Burke is a sensory experience with scents of essential oils, walls illuminated with candlelight, and enough cucumber water to satisfy your thirst. Whether you’re looking for a detoxifying facial or an immerse massage experience, Burke Williams will no doubt make you ready to conquer the world – and LA traffic.

For Your Inner Zen

Suiho En – Garden of Water & Fragrance

Van Nuys

For those looking for a self-care spot to help flourish your inner-peace, the Suiho En Japanese Garden is your ideal escape. Nothing says zen more than sitting on a bench, listening to the sound of a nearby waterfall, and surrounding yourself in a cultural oasis. It’s the perfect place to take a much-needed step back from the craziness of the city and walk the path to enlightenment – or to the gift shop.

For the Art Junkie

Getty Villa

Pacific Palisades

Are you a fan of the quiet but not of the too quiet? Take a trip back in time to Ancient Greece & Rome at the Getty Villa, a breathtaking museum nestled in the hills alongside the Pacific Ocean. Take a stroll through its many gardens adorned with Mediterranean architecture or get lost in the various art rooms and exhibitions that display nearly 7,000 years of ancient art. It’s truly an artist’s paradise – or an instagram feeds’ dream.

For the Afternoon Shopper

Palisades Village

Pacific Palisades

The newly-opened Palisades Village is the epitome of a productive lunch break – whether it’s 15 minutes, an hour, or every 15 minutes (we won’t tell anybody). Sip on a root-beer float from McConnell’s Ice Cream while you walk through the very clean pathways, stock up on your favorite eyebrow pencil at Sephora, or buy that birthday gift for your significant other that you’ve embarrassingly procrastinated on at Amazon Books. Oh and while you’re at it, grab some lunch too.

For the Cultural Retreater

Olympic Spa

Los Angeles

Travel to Asia in a day without the hassle of packing or dealing with LAX. The Olympic Spa is that end-of-the-day retreat before heading home to make dinner or do laundry. It’s an all-female spa that isn’t for the faint of heart – let’s just say, we hope you’re prepared to wear your birthday suit. It’s the ultimate full-body experienceliterally. Olympic Spa offers the usual massages and facials along with other unique amenities like a steam sauna for a jade floor, a sizzling pool filled that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a tea bag, and my personal favorite, the Himalayan salt therapy room. It’s truly the place to visit to rediscover your relaxed sense of self or to quite-literally be free.

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