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All About the Self-Dependent Sagittarius

  Sagittarius’ embody the classic juxtaposition of routine-lovers and freedom-seekers. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius’ are always on the move and thrive on little bits of fresh starts. Although they are generally forward thinkers rather than traditionalists, don’t be surprised if you catch them singing along to an 80’s classic. Their curious nature can land them […]

All about the Stubborn Scorpio

  Scorpios are one of the most stubborn and emotion-driven of all the zodiac signs. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio are transformative, with frequent mood swings, triggers, and inspirations. They strive to think as much with heart as equally as their head – which can more often than not lead to internal and external battles. Although […]

All about the Likeable Libra

  If you consider yourself a self-indulgent trendsetter, welcome to land of Libras! Libras are intellectual air signs that seek to get the most out of life. They are constantly looking for the beautiful and harmonious, and have a passion for self love. Libras thrive when surrounded by loved ones and find peace in the […]