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All About the Generous Gemini

Gemini’s are the most versatile and unpredictable of the Zodiac signs. They are wonderful social beings that enjoy being in the spotlight. They are suckers for information – they love to receive it and love to give it. Gemini’s are the perfect mix of yin and yang, which can definitely leave people wondering which part […]

Our Custom-Blended Scents

Your moisturizer formula isn’t the only thing that’s customized. Making sure a skin care product works on your skin is truly the most important, but it doesn’t hurt to have a product smell good too. We use essential oils to fragrance your moisturizer. Synthetic chemicals? We don’t know her. We love limited editions too. Available […]

All About the Adventurous Aries

The Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries can be classified as the most physically active sign with a determination to dive head first into whatever lies ahead. They face challenges head on and aren’t afraid to be themselves, when the time is right. That being said Aries are very independent people. Much […]