The Best Ingredients for Combating Wrinkles

Mature skin can come with many complications. As we age, the skin cells age too. Collagen reduces and due to the accumulation of cell damage, the skin starts sagging, forming wrinkles and fine lines and age spots start forming. Chemicals and synthetic fragrances age the skin quicker. To replenish healthy skin cells and firm up the skin back to its younger youthful glow, it’s crucial to feed your skin with the purest ingredients possible. 

Luckily our moisturizer is here to help! The following ingredients used during formulation are great for fighting wrinkles:

Green Tea

Green Tea extract helps diminish the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and is a great healing ingredient. It stimulates circulation to promote firm skin and rejuvenate the skin cells for a more youthful complexion. 


Turmeric extract improves the appearance of aging signs including fine lines and brown spots. It also improves skin elasticity and protects the skin cells from getting further damage from UV rays and environmental stressors. 

Chinese Hibiscus

The Hibiscus Flower extract has a reputation as the ‘Botox’ plant. It is great at toning skin elasticity, fading age spots, preventing premature aging and creating a smoother complexion. It is also highly hydrating which helps make the skin soft and supple, making it a great age defying ingredient.

Davidson’s Plum

Davidson’s Plum Fruit extract is a powerful regenerative and anti-aging ingredient. It improves fine lines and wrinkles and increases collagen for firmer elasticity. This extract is great for strengthening skin cells for the healthy young look.


Papaya extract from the fruit itself is full of antioxidants. It helps tighten the face and rejuvenates the face from exfoliation for a brighter and smoother look. The aging skin will appreciate this fruit extract for reversing signs of aging.


Acai extract is full of vitamins, one being vitamin C, which increases collagen production to firm and plump up the skin. Another one, vitamin A, is great for cell turnover and the fruit extract is awesome at fighting environmental toxins.


Rosehip extract is well known for tackling aging problems. It is amazing at repairing damaged skin and contains high levels of antioxidants. It helps firm up sagging, fade aging marks and minimize wrinkles for a glowing youthful skin.  


Raspberry extract is a strong antioxidant that helps reduce and prevent uneven skin tone and loss of firmness. This extract is often found in sunscreens as well, due to its UV rays protecting ability. It is great for plumping, hydrating and toning up the face. 


Chia Seed extract helps strengthen the skin barrier, which firms up wrinkling and sagging. It fights free radical damage as well which helps to prevent fine lines, aging spots and premature aging signs.

French Maritime Bark

French Maritime extract from the bark and bud of the Pinus pinaster tree contains many antioxidants. The antioxidants help with skin turnover to speed up producing healthy new cells and it helps reverse aging signs. 


Pomegranate extract helps prevent and improve signs of aging and rejuvenates skin cells. It boosts collagen production and helps the skin become healthier and brighter from deep inside the skin. 


Meadowfoam Seed Oil is extracted for the meadowfoam flower. It has amazing anti-aging properties and is great at healing fine lines and wrinkles. It replenishes the necessary oils to keep the skin young and glowing. 

For a list of all our ingredients, visit the Ingredients page on our website.