Striving for perfection and excellence in everything they do, Virgo’s are the most thick-headed of all the zodiac signs. Since Virgos are ruled by Mercury, they tend to think more with their head and less with their heart. They are the ultimate go-getters, stopping at nothing till they get what they want. As you’ve probably guessed, this can be both a blessing and a curse. You wouldn’t want to stand in a Virgos’ way while their on the path of achieving their goal. This also means however, that they can be great motivators and advice givers – especially if they trust you. Besides succeeding, trust is everything to a Virgo – and they expect the same amount of trust in return. Furthermore, Virgos thrive on being independent. Rarely will you ever see a Virgo being the follower. That being said, as long as you stay on their good side, they’ll be sure to keep you around.


Symbol: The Virgin

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Gemstone: Jade

Combatible with: Taurus & Capricorn

Based on the previous info given, it’s no surprise that Virgo’s are sticklers for a strict skin care and wellness routine. Their routines are generally longer and include as many products as possible to ensure flawless and healthy skin. Cleanliness is key for Virgos, especially when it comes to their skin, not just their home. Virgos are the skin fridge enthusiasts who spend their Sundays on Pinterest finding the best DIYs for face masks. 

Virgos are also extremely health conscious – vining for products that are both natural and great for the environment. Even though it might seem that Virgo’s are high maintenance when it comes to skin care, the fewer products they need to have to achieve their desired look, the better it is. 

Having a go-to cleanser and moisturizer is really all a Virgo needs in their bathroom cabinet. But they wouldn’t necessarily shy away from having more than what might be necessary – as long as it works. Micellar water, a light moisturizer, and a gentle cleanser are holy grails for a Virgos’ skin. However, you can bet that if they are trying to eliminate the elusive chin pimple, they’ll have more than enough serums and creams to get the job done. 

Our best tip for Virgos? Since you’re always on the go, make sure to have travel sizes of all your favorite products.

Ready to customize your perfect moisturizer? Yes, you heard us Virgos – perfect.


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