Symbolized by the the most courageous animal in the world, Leo’s are known for their vibrant personality and dominant confidence. Ruled by the Sun, Leo’s are constantly on the lookout for the meaning of life. Although this might sound very deep and philosophical, they are – in all seriousness – in search for self-awareness and constant growth of ego. They are always looking to please and be pleased. Although Leo’s can be commended for this persistent trait, it can sometimes be too much for others to handle and can seem a tad aggressive. However, if you need to get your life together, a Leo would be a great friend to have in your corner. 


Symbol: The Lion

Ruling Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Gemstone: Peridot 

Combatible with: Aquarius & Gemini

Since Leo’s are very committed in nature, it’s no surprise that their dedication to health, wellness, and skin care is top notch. Trendy or not, they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the skin of their dreams. Since Leo’s are members of the fire zodiac, they are constantly on the look out for moisture and hydration. Dry skin is quite common with the lions, so we can guarantee that you won’t find any matte-related products in a Leo’s bathroom. That being said, here are our best tips for achieving the classic dewy Leo skin.

Water is your best friend! Drinking 8-10 glasses a day can ensure your skin will stay hydrated from beneath the surface. Avoiding excess caffeine, salt, and alcohol is key because they are some of the leading causes of dry and dull skin. 

Moisturizing will ensure that your skin won’t feel tight and parched throughout the day. Apply in the morning after cleansing and at night at the end of your routine! When it comes to other products, make sure that you opt for ones specifically catered to dry skin. If your dry skin extends beyond your face, use natural body oils that will leave your skin feeling dewy, not oily. 

Exfoliating a few times a week will help bring your best skin forward. Using a gentle yet effective exfoliator will help remove dead skin cells and dry patches, leaving your skin with a fresh glow.

Ready to let your inner Lioness shine? We’ve got just what you need!



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