The Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries can be classified as the most physically active sign with a determination to dive head first into whatever lies ahead. They face challenges head on and aren’t afraid to be themselves, when the time is right. That being said Aries are very independent people. Much like a pisces, an Aries is all about feeling natural and confidence in their own skin without all of the makeup and Facetune filters.

Since Aries women tend to be always on the go, she may not have much room in her hectic schedule for an extensive beauty regime. That’s why it is important to keep it simple while making it beneficial at the same time. You don’t have to have 6 serums in your skin care routine in order to have great skin. Keep your beauty regime to the core products that you know work best for you. If you have zero time in the morning, don’t hesitate to add a bit of moisture to your skin throughout the day. Aries rules the head, so try to make a statement with your hair as much as possible, even if it’s just a messy bun.


Symbol: The Ram

Ruling Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Crystal: Topaz

Combatible with: Leo & Sagittarius

When it comes to beauty and skin care, Aries try not to align themselves with any specific brand or product just because of the hype. When it comes to beauty, that means choosing products from ethical companies that are exciting, cutting edge, and utterly unique. Because an Aries can be super ambitious and rather hot-headed, their skin can start to reflect that with the occasional redness or breakout. When looking for skin care related products, it’s key for an Aries to look for these key ingredients: Aloe Vera, Rose, & Lavender.

Each one of these ingredients contains soothing properties that help to combat irritated and heated skin. Because an Aries is symbolized by the Ram, there’s no mistaking that an Aries is a lover of the outdoors and of animals. Looking for beauty and skin care products that are vegan, natural, & cruelty-free is the ultimate go-to. Channel your love for adventure and for yourself with things that will inspire the fire within.