Active Charcoal

Natural cleansing of skin and body

If you are dealing with cosmetics and especially natural cosmetics, you may already have noticed that many products contain active charcoal. Active charcoal is a deep black powder in its natural state and has been used in medicine for fighting toxins in patients for a long time. It connects with the toxins and poisons to easily remove them from your skin, and furthermore, blocks them from entering the blood stream. On top of the detoxifying effect, active charcoal can act against bad smells and heal wounds.

Active charcoal consists of around 90% highly porous carbon. The carbon molecules have a very large surface through which they can bind other substances like chemicals, smells, dirt or toxins. For this reason, active charcoal is very suitable for filtering air or water, as well as, detoxing the body.

In the cosmetics industry, active charcoal is used for its detoxifying properties to cleanse dirt and oil from your pores, and its antibacterial properties to get rid of skin blemishes. However, active charcoal can not only be used for oily and skin impurities, but also for a variety of other skin types. Besides the mentioned properties, it also has anti-aging effects by minimizing pores and tightening skin. It acts as a cleanser and leaves any skin complexion beautiful and even.

Application examples for active charcoal:

  • Mouth and dental care: Active charcoal does not only lighten the teeth, but it also helps kill bacteria and regulate the pH levels within the mouth.
  • Sickness, stomach aches, and flatulence: Active charcoal calms the gut and decreases gas production. For these purposes, it is great to take active charcoal in capsules.
  • Insect bites, bee or wasp stings, and other rashes: Active charcoal can absorb toxins in the case of stings and bites. When experiencing these sort of irritations,  it is best to mix active charcoal with water and apply it on the affected areas immediately.