6 Natural Skin Healers

It’s no surprise that natural ingredients prove to be the best things for taking care of your skin. Whether you need a quick refresh or an everyday acne scar lightener, these 6 natural skin healers are perfect for any skin type and skin concern. Plus, each of these ingredients are super versatile and make great face masks or additions to your morning tea!

Aloe Vera

Benefits: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Ways to Use: Use the gel as a face cleanser or hair mask


Benefits: Eliminates toxins, cures acne scars, anti-inflammatory

Ways to Use: Mix in with morning beverage of your choice or add a few teaspoons to your homemade face mask


Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, relieves bloating and headaches

Ways to Use: Brew some ginger tea and have a few cups a day


Benefits: Detoxifies, lightens scars and dark spots

Ways to Use: Use lemon juice as a facial toner


Benefits: Antiseptic, antibacterial, detoxifies

Ways to Use: Crush and use directly on wounds


Benefits: improves digestion, cures acne, promotes sleep

Ways to Use: use as a face cleanser or use as a face mask

Need a moisturizer with natural ingredients? We’ve got you covered.