Taking care of our skin it’s something most of us do on a daily basis, am I right? We all have our favorite moisturizer, cleaner, facial scrub, tonic and the endless list of our beauty essentials. Since we are clean beauty advocates, here goes a list of 3 reasons why you should go all green with your skincare routine:

1 – You are putting your most fundamental “accessory” in the hands of corporations whose ingredients you don’t recognize

It doesn’t really matter how much makeup you put on, the result will always look a lot better if your skin is healthy and has its own natural glow. Since this is such a delicate point, it makes more sense to apply natural products that you can easily read and recognize!

2- You are probably absorbing toxic chemicals every time you use your daily moisturizer

Let me put it this way: skin is the body’s largest organ. It absorbs about 60-70% of what we feed it with. What we apply to our skin moves its way into our blood, tissues, and organs, and consequently has an influence on our health just as much as what we put in our mouth. If you are putting toxic chemicals on your skin, I’m sorry to tell you that you are surely making yourself toxic. Allergies, sensitivities, hormone imbalances and infertility issues have grown remarkably in the last decades. Our bodies are suffering an excess of toxins every day through the environment, pollution, exposure to pesticides, herbicides and chemicals, causing numerous imbalances and health issues.

3- If you love your pet, it doesn’t really make sense to finance animal cruelty when buying animal-tested beauty products

According to Cruelty-Free International, over 115 million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide. The animals used in tests are not only restricted to small cages and inhumane conditions, but they’re also constrained to tests that are beyond cruel. They’re tortured, mutilated, blinded, and even killed. They live a life of suffering and know nothing but fear.